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Jentlehands is a boutique spa by appointment only.

This space is just for you, come and be nurtured in our small oasis. Here you are royalty! You are the only client in our spa at that time. That means the spa is sterilized from top to bottom between each client so can rest assured that everything from the instruments, to the surfaces, to the bathroom are for your use only. You are cared for tenderly, receiving all my attention and utmost tranquility.

Whether you need some conversation, some time to read a book, a quiet moment to yourself, or maybe even a nap…whatever service you choose we have tailored it to give you the best possible care and atmosphere!

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Spring Wellness Session


These sessions are designed to help you feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the joys of spring. Holistic healing looks at the whole of you… your body, mind, heart and spirit. You choose the focus and we look at it from a whole perspective.

Come tune into this temple that is your body. How you treat your body directly influences how you experience each day. By listening to its whispers and honoring its cues, you can cultivate a deeper sense of well-being that permeates every aspect of your daily existence.

Mental well-being is essential for our overall health, which is why I offer mindfulness practices, meditation sessions, and re-training of the brain and thoughts to help quiet the mind, reduce anxiety, and enhance mental clarity and focus. Discover for yourself how shifting a few things in your brain can create a big difference!

Emotional wellness is nurtured through a safe place that allows you to explore; to be seen and heard. Through heart centered, compassionate approaches you are provided a safe space to explore your emotions and thoughts, and cultivate self-love & self-understanding in very practical ways.

Deepen your spiritual connection and explore your innermost being through spiritual guidance and creating sacred ritual around your life to help keep you connected. Discover your own unique ways of creating a daily practice that helps you tune inward to spirit.

These offerings are designed with much love by me and what I have learned over the years. Utilizing my skills as a coach, body worker and space holder allows you tap into your own inner wisdom and align and experience a profound sense of wellness. Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and create a foundation of health and vitality that radiates from within.

Book your spring wellness session today and nurture and blossom your best self!

Approximately 2 hrs

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