Manicured Nails


Luxury Manicure $58

Your weary hands are restored with a luxury manicure! Delight in complete bliss as you enjoy a warm neck wrap and cozy blanket. Your fingers are immersed in warm oil, nourishing your cuticles and nails. A refreshing exfoliant removes dry skin. Nails are shaped and cuticles are tidied. Overworked hands are moisturized with a blissful massage from the tips of your fingers to your elbow. For the finishing touch your nails are polished and your hands revitalized!


Luxury Manicure with Coaching $130

Includes a coaching session during your Luxury Manicure.


Men’s Manicure $48

You begin with a scrub to remove dry skin and debris from your hard worked hands. Your fingers are nourished with warm oil as this helps promote healthy nails and reduces cracking cuticles. Your nails are shaped and your cuticles are cleaned up. Your hands are restored with a moisturizing massage!


Maintenance Manicure $50

Maintain beautiful hands with on going care. Nails are shaped and cuticles are groomed. Nail oil is applied and a nourishing hand cream is worked into the hands. Color is put back into your life with a dash of polish!


Add French Polish $10

The classic French Polish look can also be added to any JentleHands manicure.


Add Gel Polish $12


Add Face & Scalp Massage $20

Unwind with the added benefits of a facial massage with your manicure! Facial massage relaxes and refreshes! Allow your scalp to be released into our healing hands by receiving a massage that helps to relax the muscles in your face reducing tension and often alleviating headaches.


Add Decollage Treatment $15

This treatment warms you as moist heated towels are applied to your skin from your neck line to breast line, opening your pours. Relax as the warm oil is then applied and massaged to promote cell generation and moisture to an area that we all too often ignore. This area is prone to sun damage and avocado oil leaves you with a natural sunscreen to protect you thru the day.


Add Hand Mask Treatment $20

Slip on a glove and warming mitt filled with nutrients to benefit your hands! Soak in the shea butter, marine collagen, vitamin E and ginseng that promotes deep moisturizing to soften skin and provide anti aging benefits. Goji berry, seaweed and thuja extract provide anti inflammatory and soothing properties for sore joints, while the heat seeps thru to warm cold hands. Rose flower tones skin while relieving tension and fatigue and promotes vitality while offering gentle aroma therapy. A mini massage helps all the treatment to soak into your hands before leaving. Arthritic cream can be massage in at this time for extra relief from pain.



GST and gratuities are not included in price. GST will be added at time of purchase. Gratuities are at your discretion and are very much appreciated.