Stress Relief

Anxiety & Stress Treatment $155

This is your oasis where the anxiety can slip from your shoulders and the stress can melt from your body and mind. Quietly enter this tranquil space. A retreat just for you.

Gently settle yourself between cozy heated sheets. As your face is massaged with the nimble hands of a trained Indian Head Masseur, you will be guided through a recorded visualization to wash you in peace. Soft music soothes your soul, as your hands & arms are massaged. Breathe in the delicate scent of stress relieving aromatherapy as your feet and legs are massaged by the hands of a trained reflexologist. The dance of just the right pressure in the spots that are meant to decrease stress and bring comfort and relaxation to your body. Immersed in the tranquility your head, scalp and shoulders are treated with massage that leaves you feeling like you have floated off to another world.

As you slowly emerge, your retreat space is completed with a cup of tea and some deep breathing to centre you as you walk into the world renewed and nourished.

This service combines all of Jen’s professional training in anxiety coaching,
reflexology and Indian head massage.

Stress Relief